Fighting with Fetsch; What you can do

How registering your bone marrow can save lives.


Sydney Robbins

At a pep rally earlier in the year, Mrs. Fetsch face-timed with Ms. Siren. At this point Mrs. Fetsch was still in the hospital being treated for leukemia which can be helped by bone marrow transplants.

This year FHC was touched with cancer when Mrs. Fetsch, a young teacher was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia. The students immediately rallied and raised thousands of dollars to help not only Mrs. Fetsch, but also to advance research into stopping the disease.

Next weekend, there is a great opportunity for students to help fight leukemia with the Be the Match Bone Marrow Registration Drive. Bone marrow transplants are among the most effective treatments for aggressive forms of leukemia. Unfortunately, the bone marrow registry doesn’t have enough donors to ensure that every patient who needs this life saving treatment can find a match.

Becoming a donor is simple: you have to be between the ages of 18-44 with a valid form of ID (a driver’s license or passport), be willing to fill out some basic contact information, and give a cheek swab that will be used to match you with patients.

Registering to donate doesn’t mean you will ever have to donate; only 1 in about 420 people are ever asked to donate and you will always have the choice to say no.

The drive will be at 13725 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield next Wednesday the 17th from 3-7pm. Please consider joining the registry and helping to save the lives of people who desperately need your help.

For more information about the donation process or how to get involved visit