Classic Cheaters

The way to breaking someones heart


One of the apps that makes it very easy for someone to cheat is the app, Tinder. This shows how you can match with another person, that isn’t the person that you are in a relationship with.

The feeling you get when your stomach is in your throat and you’re about to vomit, when you just wanna set things on fire or break something, when you feel like your feet are glued to the floor and you just can’t move. The feeling that your heart and soul were ripped out of your chest and stepped on a million times. The feeling you get in your chest when the person you thought would never hurt you did. That feeling is one of the worst things you can feel if you have ever felt this heartbreak before. That feeling of being cheated on.
Everyone knows someone who has been cheated on. It seems every other week, I see or hear about someone who’s cheating or who has been cheated on. People who cheat do it for a number of reasons: they are unhappy in the relationship, they have lost feelings, they want to hurt you, or they just don’t care.
There’s not just one way for a person to cheat either, there are many ways and methods in which people can cheat and with the virtual world growing in popularity apps and sites, such as tinder, have opened a whole new realm for cheating to take place, which makes cheating more prevalent.
If you are not happy in the relationship you are in, then do the right thing and break up with the person instead of going behind their back, lying and hurting them even more. Yes, they may be hurt by the fact that you broke up with them, but at least they won’t question why they were not good enough for you, what they did wrong, or why it didn’t last.
In my life, I have been cheated on multiple times, in multiple relationships. This is such a toxic, dreadful thing for someone to do to their significant other, the person they put all of their trust in because, no matter the circumstances, at the end of the day, the cheater is projecting their unhappiness, their insecurities on to their partner. They are dragging their partner along with every wrong decision they make as a result of their immaturity, or instability, and that is not fair.
There are multiple kinds of cheating, but whatever they may be they are never acceptable. Cheating leaves people with emotional and mental scars, self esteem issues, trust issues, broken relationships in the future, and the list goes on.
I started blaming myself even though I did nothing wrong. Even though they were the ones who cheated, I felt like it was all my fault, like I was the one who wasn’t good enough.
So, my suggestion is, if you want to be in a committed relationship, then go for it; but don’t break someone’s heart because you are not ready to grow up.
If you have ever been cheated on, know you did nothing wrong. It was the person who cheated and they were the ones who did wrong. But try not to let them hurt you, you are a better person than they will ever be.