Short lived victory

FHC hockey looses 4-2 against Duchesne high.

What goes up must come down. Last week, the Spartan hockey players won a game 7-0. However, this week, they lost a rough 4-2 game. The loss made the boys think differently about the way they play.

Team Captain Corey Moats agrees that the team definitely has some areas that need to be attended to,

“We could improve by playing hard all four periods,” Moats said. “We [also] can improve on passing.”

A major aspect of any team sport is to play as one, and sophomore Grant Curtis feels that is another thing the team needs to work on.

“Everybody’s good at their own individual skills but as a team we don’t have one skill we’re good at,” Curtis said, “We should work together as a team because we don’t play like a team.”

Despite the team’s lost, junior Fletcher Zieman feels the game started out in the right direction.

“We passed and we adapted a little bit. We started out making as many passes as we could,” Zieman said.

Now they are trying to prepare everyone for future games, especially new players that need the extra practice..

“A typical practice is kind of slow for us because we’ve got some new kids on the team who don’t really know how to play,” Curtis said.

Although they have a lot to work on, the boys make sure to keep the atmosphere light and fun. Moats explains the positive atmosphere in the locker room.

“It’s a really good team atmosphere because were in the locker room for over an hour. Not only do we play together but we also hang out in the locker room and mess around,” Moats said.