Seasons endings

     The last game of the season did not go how the varsity boys basketball team planned against Fort Zumwalt West, although is was a tough fight, the team came up short losing 53-57. In the beginning of the match, the boys quickly fell behind 13 points, and not really gaining or losing any points throughout the match. However, in the 4th period, they came back with only a two point deficit and when it looked the the Spartans may have came back, a series of bad calls by the ref’s really killed the chance of coming back against the Jaguars.

     “Honestly, we have a lot of talent,” said junior Adam Lewis, “We are just so young, with mostly juniors, and we don’t have that varsity experience to succeed at this level”

     With a not-so-great season, the Francis Howell Central basketball team hopes to prevail next year.