All spoons in

An introduction to a rather unknown club at FHC


Issy Schwartz

Grace Heisel opens a box of Coco Puffs at Cereal Club. At the meeting, she and other members enjoyed their breakfast together.

Paige Fann, Staff reporter

Froot Loops. Cap’n Crunch. Frosted Flakes. Lucky Charms. There’s a new club at FHC, Cereal club. Cereal Club is a great place for any one with a love of cereal and time on Thursday morning, to eat cereal. Cereal Club, besides being a different Club, has an interesting origin. Mrs. Rulo, the club sponsor explained the clubs interesting origins and how she became the sponsor.

“Will James and I were passing each other in the hallway, and he had a box of cereal and I mentioned something about his box of cereal and he  said yeah I love cereal, and one of us said we should start a cereal club, and I said I would sponsor it,” Mrs. Rulo said

Cereal club meets on Thursday mornings at 6:55, in room 211. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Rulo and founded by Will James, Grace  James, Hannah Brickson, and Talia Thambyrajah. The only thing you need to come to cereal club is a box of cereal to share. Margo Harmon, a member of Cereal Club explain what Cereal club is all about and why she enjoys it.

“It’s basically where you go in the morning and eat cereal, and just socialize with friends,” Harmon said, “It’s a fun club, you do nothing but eat cereal and talk with friends about whatever”

Lily Duvenick, also a member of Cereal club about how she found out about it and how unique it is.

“My math teacher who sponsors it was talking about it and I decided to go,” Duvenick said. “ I mean it’s different than anything I’ve ever seen, I have never heard of a Cereal club before”

Mrs.Rulo decided to have the club meet on Thursday mornings because she wanted to bring joy to Thursdays and give people something to look forward to.

“The camaraderie in the morning is really nice,” Mrs. Rulo said. “Everybody brings cereal and we just come together, and socialize and eat cereal.”

Mrs. Rulo explained how she felt, about the club is being one of kind.

“It’s the most unexpected and unique club” Rulo said.