Coming back swinging

Spartans prevail against the Lancers, coming back from their losing streak


Brynlee Hendricks

Tim Ewald throws a pitch during a game against Fort Zumwalt West. In the recent game against Lafayette on April 24th. “Timmy pitched a good game,” Cooper said. He also batted four for five that day.

Megan Percy and Juliet Fuhrman

On the overcast day of April 27th, the FHC Varsity baseball team made an astounding comeback. They defeated Lafayette 11-7, after a losing streak had plagued them the team for 5 games straight. Junior Brendan Cooper contributes the great team energy that game to how well they were able to perform.

“We really brought the energy that day,” Cooper said.

[Because] we had been on a six day losing streak up to that point, we were ready to actually get back out there and win a game.”

— Brendan Cooper

Cooper also attributes a lot of this energy to the team’s easy connection. His dependence on them to perform helped him keep his head in the game.  

“I felt pretty good throughout the game,” Cooper said. “Overall, the team stayed up the whole game, so that helped me stay up too.”

Junior Garratt Martini says the team was able to come back and do so well because of the losing streak they were suffering from. He believes that drive to win against Lafayette will drive the team the rest of the season.

“We were on a six game losing streak, and we ended up coming back to win, so I think it drives us for the rest of the season,” Martini said.

Another player who enjoyed the game was senior Trevor Liggett. He thought they were in sync and played well as a team.

“We played as a team and not as individuals.” Liggett said. “I felt like we had a good chance of winning the game.”

The team’s playing, despite an outstanding overall performance, was spotty throughout the game. Scoring five runs in the first inning, they started strong, but did not score again until the 8th inning. During this time, Lafayette tied up the game, and the Spartans came through just in time to win.

“I started out with two strikeouts, which wasn’t good, but I kept my head in the game, and I finally ended up two for five the other day with two doubles and one big double to start the big inning we had in the 8th inning,” Martini said.

What impressed Cooper was his teammate Timmy, he had impressive plays all throughout the game and Cooper couldn’t keep his eyes off it.

“Garrett had two doubles that were pretty memorable. Timmy also had an RBI double in the first, and he also went four for five that game, so Timmy did really well that game,” Cooper said.

The most memorable moment for Cooper was the triple that he hit. He was in awe and so proud of himself that he couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face.

“[The most memorable moment I had was] probably the triple I hit or a couple other singles I had during the game that scored some RBI’s and big moments,” Cooper said.