Heads in the game

Inside some of FHC’s varsity basketball players, we see how they felt about tryouts, the new team, and the upcoming season.


Varsity basketball players reset while thinking about the play that just occurred. Their hard work was paying off through their game.

As the FHC’s boys basketball season began and ended, the varsity basketball team had a look taken inside of some of their players. Many team members shared insight regarding their practices and their thoughts towards them.


When asked about basketball practice, Junior Kaleb Anderson said that they were often tiring, and took up almost all of his free time after school.


“It’s constant basketball, and then I go home and go to sleep because I’m tired. So it’s like basketball everyday… I’ve played basketball all three years [at school].”


Many of his teammates had the same mindset, knowing that they were involved with such a popular and well-liked sport, they’re expected to be playing to their full extent, with long, hard practices. For many of the players, basketball fully consumed their schedules and minds during the season.


Anderson’s teammate, Jordan Hayden, agreed with his description of the routine that the basketball practice runs.


“We kind of do the same process now [as we did during tryouts]. We come in, stretch, do a warm up, and basically get into a bunch of drills and work out our offense and defense… “I started freshman year on the freshman team, and sophomore year I swung varsity and played JV, and this year I’m strictly varsity.”


During the tryouts for the team, the boys were tested on their strengths and weaknesses, and seeing how they could work as a team. Teamsmanship and comradery is an important aspect during tryouts, considering the members will be playing with, and spending a lot of time together throughout the year.


Senior LaRenzo Hayes shows his confidence in the team and their upcoming season as he brags about the team’s fulfillment of his expectations.

“I think we’ll be good, we were trying to do good in districts and make it through and just have a good season… [I’ve been playing basketball] since junior year.”\


With the team’s motivation to succeed during this season, they were undoubtedly excited and ready to take on the work, and come out on top.