Top 5 trees

They're big, beautiful, and don't do all that much, but that's why we love them. Here's some that aren't quite as boring as the rest of them.


A lone baobab stands alone in the desert. The bark is painted by those that have passed through, highlighting its sentiment and unique impact on guides and natives alike.

Margaret Wilkerson, Staff reporter

  1. Black Walnut

The Black Walut is a species of deciduous tree native to eastern North America. The dark wood of this faithful tree is easily worked and used commercially in multiple ways- such as furniture and carvings. The nutmeats (walnuts) produced by this tree are a staple in American culture, cuisine, and daily life. It also looks beautiful and is a perfect ree to plant in a family backyard- what’s not to love about free nuts?


  1. Baobab

Baobabs are giant, rotund trees that are found commonly in arid regions of mainland Africa, Madagascar, Australia, and Arabia. The diameter of their trunks can reach up to 36 feet, providing vast amounts of water storage in the arid and savannah environment they grow in. They also provide a valuable habitat and sanctuary for many desert animals, and their unique and absurdly large shape makes them a fan favorite of many tree lovers.


  1. Willow

The willow tree is well known, and for good reason- its low hanging branches and unique look make it stand out from other trees. The willow represents fertility, balance, learning, growth, and harmony in many cultures, as well. Its spritual significance and pop culture relevance proves that it deserves a spot among the best of trees, and even offers cover and shade for many animals in the wild.


  1. Maple

Faithful, useful, elegant. The iconic red leaves of the maple are a staple among plant lovers and average folk alike. As well as their vibrant leaves, the maple can live for up to two centuries. The hardy wood is used for bowling pins, pool sticks, and butchers blocks.


  1. Oak

The timeless oak is a hardy and notoriously faithful tree. Its longevity and stable nature make it commonly known among most people. It produces acorns, which is a valuable source of food for animals such as squirrels and other small rodents. The oak is a classic when looking for a tree that will live long and grow to larger than average heights.