Top 5 youtube channels

With 2018 almost over why not check out new youtube channels? From events to gaming to Disney why not try these channels out



Philip Defranco gives an interview with his fellow you tubers at a meet up in 2010. He was sitting with IJusting (left)

Ruthann Kimbrel, Staff reporter

No. 1: Philip DeFranco                        

A youtuber who covers recent events and online controversies from Monday through Friday in the afternoons. He spends time talking about two or three subjects a video depending on what’s highly requested by his 6.2 million follower fanbase. He insists that the videos he makes are to start a conversation about what is going on in the political or web world.         

No. 2: XUrbanSimsX

XUrbanSimsX is a youtuber who plays The Sims series for a living and with a bubbly personality she uploads mod reviews, let’s plays, speed builds and custom content downloads.

No. 3: SuperCarlinBrothers

Jon and Ben Carlin base their short videos around Pixar, Disney and Harry Potter theories, news, trailer reactions, quizzes and games such as placing Pixar characters into Hogwarts houses. They have 1.6 million subscribers on their youtube channel and get one average two to three hundred views per video.

No. 4: Game Theory

Matthew Patrick (MatPat) and his wife Stephanie run a youtube channel called Game Theory. They turn simple and fun games like Mario Kart and the popular long running franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s into complex and logical theories that are about twenty to thirty minutes long. It makes learning fun and easy as MatPat explains science and math in an easy, fun and understandable way     

No. 5:  Shane Dawson

Long time youtuber Shane “Dawson” Yaw  bases his channel around conspiracy theories, his life and more recently covering other youtubers and his friends lives in three part documentary vlogs. He makes videos with his friends Garrett Watts, Trisha Paytas and his partner Ryland Adams