Spartans serve up a good game

The Spartans lose a close game to the Vikings.

Sarah Skelly, Staff photographer

The girls junior varsity volleyball team lost in a close home game against the Howell Vikings on Thursday, September 6th. The score was tied in the second half, but the final score was 20-25. The teamwork was strong and efficient for both teams. The Spartans showed enthusiasm and good sportsmanship throughout the entire game. 

The Spartans were disappointed they did not win, but they worked together as a team to score as many points as possible. Sophomore Kami Eslinger was effective at making sure the ball went over the net and did not go out of bounds. She dove for the ball and used her judgement to ensure the Spartans would score.

“The best part was getting to enjoy the sport with the other girls and working together to achieve a common goal.” Eslinger said. This game was tense, but it was still enjoyable for both teams. Although they lost, the Spartans still look forward to the rest of the season.