Landslide victory for girls tennis

Francis Howell Central girls tennis team emerges undefeated against Fort Zumwalt East.


Faith Carter

During the matches against Fort Zumwalt East, Varsity player Mackenzie Jones focuses on finding comfort in the rhythmic sport of tennis. People like Jones see sports as something as both a way to win and a way to help one’s self. “I feel relaxed, tennis doesn’t stress me out,” Jones said. “[But] it feels good to be undefeated [since] it’s… a nice confidence booster for everyone.”

Faith Carter, Staff photographer

It was a breezy, 80 degree day when the Francis Howell Central varsity and junior varsity girls tennis team went against the varsity and junior varsity team from Fort Zumwalt East. Facing off against their opponents in home territory on Monday, Sept. 10, the Francis Howell Central team was able to win every match they played. Their accomplishments showed the teamwork and perseverance of the home team.

“[Since] we hadn’t won any [matches] until that game,…it [was] exciting…[because] the whole team [won] their matches,” Varsity player and junior Natalie Hall said. “[Winning] helps you feel stronger as a team and everyone is excited for each other.”

Varsity and junior varsity girls tennis will continue to compete as the season goes on. They have another game on Sept. 17 against St. Dominic and a game the next day, Sept. 18, against Fort Zumwalt West.