Bruno Plays Brilliantly

Rachel Bruno finishes in 3rd at the Washington Invitational


Marcus Falcomata, Staff Reporter At-Large

The Girls Golf season is now in full swing, as the team headed to Wolf Hollow Golf Course in Washington for their first tournament. Rachel Bruno, a junior golfer at FHC, took 3rd at the tournament, shooting a 90.

“I was very tired in the morning. But I thought that it was going to be really good, because last year I played really good at the course.  I had very good confidence of what was going to [happen]” Bruno said.

Despite a slow start to the morning, she kept confidence in her skills and kept her head on straight as she played on September 4th and brought home a medal.

Two girls on the Varsity team scored in the top 10, with Gabrielle Berger placing 8th.

Rachel described the course conditions on Tuesday.  “We played at Wolf Hollow and the course is absolutely horrible because you have to go up [many hills], but the greens are absolutely beautiful,” said Bruno. “The course has a great view and is very wide, so there is a lot of space for your ball to go.”  The 8 water hazards on the course posed a challenge for Bruno and the rest of the golfers. “The hazards because you have to adjust your aim, which can throw you off,” said Bruno. “So any slice or anything cannot be tolerated. I usually think about it as if the hazards aren’t there.”

According to Bruno, her Drives played a big role in her successful round. “I had some troubles with my driver,” said Bruno. “I fixed my swing up and now follow through my whole swing.”  Rachel went on to say that this change made her drives straighter and significantly farther (“about 300 yards”).

Bruno also claims the environment of her group allows her to succeed. “The people that I play with are always absolutely super nice,” said Bruno. “They always give me motivation I give motivation back to other players too.”

The girls golf team will face North at 3:30 on Tuesday, September 11th, returning to their home course, The Links at Dardenne. That match followed by an important week packed full of tournaments for the Spartans.