Art’s impacts

NAHS students reveal why they joined the club and what they love about it.


Chloe Bockhorst

Senior Austin Crudup enjoys NAHS because he believes it is a good healthy learning. He’s been in the club since he was a Freshman.

NAHS or National Art Honor Society is a club that attracts different artists of varying skill levels. Students from all grades meet in room 246 for a club centered around honing a craft while still having fun.

Senior Kobi Nolan has always considered art a passion, and enjoys the way the club allows him to experiment with his art and provides experiences he may have not had without it.

“So you get [to see] a different variety of different styles, [and gain] different experiences,” Nolan said. “We have open studios so we do a lot of the actual art here, we can use the space and the materials and having that space [is great] because at your own house you don’t have the stuff you’d want to use.”

Senior Austin Crudup likes the club because he says it because he gets to learn from other people.

“One of the benefits is that like you just get to be around a lot of talented people and a lot

of people can teach you new things,” Crudup said. “It’s just like a good environment like a good healthy learning environment.”

Crudup later said that a benefit of NAHS is that it has made him a better artist and gave him an opportunity to try new things.

“I wanted to join just because I had some friends that were joining, I used to be bad at painting I just wanted to get better,” Crudup said. “I spent a lot of time in the graphics lab doing Photoshop. Usually it’s just drawing or a little bit of painting, I tried clay last year [too].”

Sophomore Gentry Cross feels the atmosphere is very inviting.

“It’s kind of laid back, but we do a lot of group work. We have to do a banner for one of the parades; it’s a very exciting energy.”

Nolan agreed with Cross in the sense that he feels the vibe of NAHS is very fun and carefree.

“I think [the atmosphere is] pretty friendly, I usually come in and everyone’s goofing off already. You’d think that we would not be getting anything done but you get a lot of work done while you’re making the art and goofing off pretty hard.”