Spartans get mauled by Jaguars

Spartans Suffer Tough Loss to the Jaguars.

Doug West, Staff photographer

            On Tuesday September 18 the spartans geared up to take on the Jaguars from Fort Zumwalt West. Leading up to the match was a nail biter with Zumwalt West being one of the better competitors on the schedule this year.

            As the match was underway it was soon learned that the Jaguares ment business with trailing, and sometimes moving past the spartans on the scoreboard. Nevertheless, the sparants got to work and without quitting managed to keep zumWalt West on edge with spectacular rallies to keep the ball on the other side.


Olivia Green had this to say about Tuesday’s loss,” We were stuck on Monday’s loss [ to Howell ] and we found to be getting in our own head later in the game”