The Everything Sport


Faith Carter, Staff Photographer

Figure skating is a sport that demands a great deal from it’s participants. It requires one to be both athletically skilled as well as a gifted performer. Figure skating also requires exorbitant amounts of time and money to be spent towards it, in which it becomes difficult for many people to succeed within the field of skating. Despite this, kids will continue to grow up with skating and dedicate a large portion of their lives to the sport because of the friendships and love they have towards it.

“It’s incredible to work with a team. I’ve learned a lot about skating and life and…what you can achieve when you really work towards something. ” Senior Stephanie Monson said. “It’s really is a beautiful thing and skating is beautiful when we come together and…skate the program to the best of our ability. Also, in any part of life,…people collaborating and working together to come up with something new is amazing.”

The St. Peter’s Recplex holds an ice show every winter and spring where skaters of all ages and skill levels can showcase their abilities. This year’s winter showcase is Dec. 7 and 8 and will feature winter and holiday themed programs. The admission is $9.50 for non-passholders and $8.50 for passholders. As far as international figure skating events, the Grand Prix Final goes through Dec. 6-9. It is the first major figure skating competition that international skaters compete in.