Homecoming parade hurdles

Haley Hewkin, Coverage Editor

     The annual Homecoming parade is a tradition that the first started at Francis Howell Central more than 20 years ago when the school first opened. All fall sports are asked to participate and any club at FHC is welcome to join in on the parade.

     The Homecoming parade builds support and pride between the school and the community we all share. Our student council works hard to keep this tradition alive and keep the school excited for the parade and Homecoming as a whole.

     While setting up everything from the parade to the dance, student council encounters some obstacles. A major hurdle for the parade this year was finding  the perfect parade route. The location the parade usually starts at was recently sold, and no one informed the school. We had permission to use the lot for the parade when it was owned by the previous owner. 

     Mrs. Denningman had to find a new place for the parade to start where all the students involved could get there on time.

     Mrs. Denningman said, “I’m completely redoing everything student council has been doing since August 15.” Although, it was stressful, Mrs. Denningman put a lot of effort and found a new parade route that starts and ends at the school.

     Through all the struggles, Mrs. Denningman and student council power through it to put together a great parade for our community to build spirit and pride in Spartan Nation.

     Sophomore Ryan Hoshaw said, “It makes [the students] feel more connected to the school and in the local community.” The Homecoming parade unites Spartans and Spartan families together when we all share the same pride in our school.

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