Manning Up


Team building exercises occur every Thursday meeting to give members an opportunity to get to know one another. Senior Jackson Timblin is pictured with his group that will be together for the week of Homecoming. The bonding during meetings will only add on to the grueling hours to come in order to get the school ready for dance.

Ian Ingram

To be involved at this school requires either the littlest amount of effort or a schedule so full that doing homework at home becomes a natural instinct. It really depends on the schedule: some students focus on school and some on a job. Nevertheless, it is a fact that officers’ of clubs at Howell Central have to put in extra work.

The thing is that so little of the officers are male. An uber-example of this is the Areté committee…it’s almost all girls. Does this minuscule fact make being a male officer somewhat of a unique and unusual position? Is it a problem?

The short answer is no. Being a male officer does not affect anything and senior Jackson Timblin can help explain. Timblin is the Vice President of Student Council and he is the only male officer in the group. “I’m apart of a co-ed scouting program that’s also mostly girls and I’ve been in leadership positions with that too so it’s not really different,” said Timblin.

Timblin headed the Homecoming Parade (taking place a day before the Homecoming Game) and because of the new route that had to be taken, there was lots of planning needed. “[The parade] is one thing…All the officers pick up [duties] to be in charge but my main responsibility is helping the president,” said Timblin.

The schedule for setting up dance decorations gets pretty tight. The club stays after school on a Friday to set up dance decorations and officers stay later than the members to make sure everything is ready for the dance the following day.

Although it’s been established that being a guy officer in StuCo does not change how they work together, there is one perk. “I don’t have to draw or anything which is nice because a lot of them usually do it…they tend to like doing that more,” said Timblin.