Cast, crew use rehearsal to perfect upcoming show

After school time allows performers and backstage crews to prepare for looming production

Sam Cole rehearses for the Fall performance with his fellow actors. The students worked tirelessly to express emotion and memorize their lines.

Corinne Vorderstrasse, Staff photographer

The cast and crew of the Francis Howell theater group, The Spotlight Players, rehearsed their acts in the auditorium and worked on the set on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Isaiah Henry, Sam Cole, Max Orre, and other actors strode across the stage, using gestures and projecting their voices. These actors have to meet every day of the week in order to be completely prepared in time for their Fall performance.

Max Orr explained one of the reasons why he enjoys the Francis Howell theater group.

“The community. It’s a great community,” Max said. “We have lots of fun.” Orr and the other actors had been taking a break from rehearsals to hang around and help each other out.

The Francis Howell theater group will be performing “Arsenic and Old Lace” on Oct. 25-27, and you can purchase a ticket before the play during school lunches, or at the door on show nights.