Step team provides an outlet for performers, dancers

Tuesday, Thursday practices help team sharpen routines

Ann-Maree Gammell, Staff photographer

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Step Team comes together and practices routines in both, the multipurpose room and the Atrium. The team is led by Elizabeth Delaney-Deflore and sponsored/coached by Mrs. Jessica Bulva. The team is filled with both, boys and girls who love to dance and perform.

Even though there are many positives in the Step Team, there will always be challenges.

“The best thing about being on Step Team is the team itself. We are all really close and basically a family,”  Taniya Williams said, a member of the Step Team. “ I’m always looking forward to going to step practice, even on the days that we have to run extra laps. The hardships for step is getting everybody on the same page, not just everybody on the team but outside it as well. We are a new team and have to make ourselves known in the most respected way. When we have disagreements, we can’t let it affect how we practice or perform. We have our moments but we are a step family so we always work it out.”

This upcoming year the Step Team will be performing at pep assemblies and going on with their practices. Due to being a brand new team, they have yet to enter competitions.