Dogs for Days


Olivia Fong, Staff Photographer

Everyday people craze over the cute dogs they see online, on walks, and in public in general. This video is  a chance to show off a few of the most adorable dogs and their loving owners at Francis Howell Central. Dogs throughout the world help people get through so many obstacles. Police rely on their dogs to help them with some cases, disabled people rely on their service dogs, and students at school can use their dogs as a stress relief.

Many owners believe their dog is the best for different reasons. Their own personal connection between them and their pet is what distinguishes their relationship from others. Hearing different people’s stories of their pets and the impact they have as well as the funny stories are always touching to hear.

At the end of this video, there is a montage of dogs just to show off the cute factor of dogs at Francis Howell Central. Through this montage is a variety of tricks, licks, and pics that will make you extremely happy.