Playing to their strengths

JV soccer boys focus on the way in which they play their best and utilize their strengths to improve their weaknesses on the field.


Meghan Zadell

Junior Luke Hantack prepares to pass the ball to his teammate as Howell player advances on him.

Each individual on the team has their own style and tricks, but what makes JV soccer so special is their way of communicating. Sophomore Delsin Toledo expresses the chemistry this team has and how they know each teammates’ strengths before they started playing together.

     “We got to know each other better and definitely have more chemistry. We definitely have more of idea of what people[the other team] might do before they do it,” Toledo said.


“We could definitely work on offense more as a team, we are more of a defense [oriented] team.”

— Sophomore Tyler Peters

The boys have all created a connection between each other. It’s evident on the field, as their record proves as the indicator. Uniting and bonding together is a main core of true teamwork. Without a basic chemistry, it will translate onto the field in a negative light.

         “I think our communication is really good and we have all bonded, we just try our best together as a team,” Sophomore Aj Zangaro said.

Technical skills are equally as important as being able to effectively communicate. It’s important to understand how to receive a long pass, get past a player, and the ways in which to maneuver around the field to be open for possible passes. In order to accomplish these technical skills, the team has practiced and pushed their limits on themselves in order to further their best assets that complement the team as a whole.

     “I really focus on my foot skills and I can usually look for where a pass is,” Zangaro said. “Each and every player has their own niche that helps them dominate games together.”

A strong offense and defense is essential to soccer. Forwards and midfielders have to work together to move the ball up the field and into the offensive end. Defenders and the goalkeeper are the backbone to the other players. While their defense is strong, there are other aspects they could strengthen as a team.

        “We could definitely work on offense more as a team, we are more of a defense [oriented] team,” Sophomore Tyler Peters said.

As JV soccer practices and strengthens their skills, they are able to strive towards mutual goals as well as individual.