Meet the boys swim coach

The person to thank for the boys swim team’s success


Coach Froeschner has been coaching Swim for four years. He has helped the team improve and grow closer.

The boys swim team is known for their outstanding performance in the water, but the man behind their success is not often given the credit he deserves. Swim and Dive Coach Jacob Froeschner has pushed the swim members to compete at their best, and given them the resources to do so.

A coach has a job much more important than getting their team to be successful on competition days. Froeschner creates an environment in which the boys feel motivated, and encourages each member to swim well both at practices and meets

“Most of the time when it comes down to it, and the team needs something, they will get it done””

— Jacob Froeschner

Froeschner feels a sense of pride when the hard work of swim member pays off.

“I am always proud of when my swimmers do well, and I just want them to give their best effort, even if that means coming in 4th or 5th but swimming a good race,” Froeschner said.

While Froeschner still gives praise for competing well personally, he knows when to push the boys to work harder.

“Most of the time when it comes down to it, and the team needs something, they will get it done,” Froeschner said.

The members of the Swim and Dive team feel the effects of Coach Froeschner’s impeccable coaching.

Junior Danny Ruhmann says Froeschner helps swimmers improve while not pushing them past their breaking point.

“He’s just kind of really fair. He doesn’t expect you to try as hard as you possibly can…each time,” Ruhmann said.

On top of his coaching, Ruhmann says Froeschner motivates and rewards the team.

“He rewards us. If we try really hard we may not have practice at the end of the week,” Ruhmann said.

The Swim team members also believe Froeschner’s coaching has helped to significantly improve their swimming. Junior Jackson Michals says Coach Froeschner has helped him become a better swimmer.

“I think his coaching had definitely made me a better swimmer. I’m faster and I’m a stronger swimmer,” Michals said.

The members of the Swim team are grateful to have a coach as good as Froeschner, and cherish relationship they have made with him and skills they have gained from his coaching.

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