Shaving for swim

The swim team members committed to a tradition that previous members had set before them.


This photo was taken the night when the swim team members shaved their head. The “after” photo is shown here.

Francis Howell boys swim and dive team consist of several boys that have grown to be closer than ever before. Spending two hours every night with your teammates creates strong bonds; bonds shared within the swim team family.

Over several years of being a successful swim team, there has been a tradition developed within this team. No it is not a tradition of saying a chant before the meet, and no it is not a tradition of going out to eat before, but rather a much more extreme tradition.

They shave their head. And some even shave their legs.

“We do it for tradition before GAC’s. It makes us feel like we are part of the team and we swim better due to that… not everyone does it, understandably, but it’s still fun for the whole team,” said Ty Nedungadi.

The shaving also helps promote school excitement for the boys swim and dive team. The members that participate in the tradition always have members of school questioning their new look, provoking a conversation about the swim team’s hopes for GAC’s.

“I did this last year and I am glad I did it this year too, it helps us bond and is fun to do,” said Andrew Lippincott.

Andrew and Ty also shaved their legs, which is something commonly done amongst professional swimmers. Swimmers wear caps over their heads to create a more hydrodynamic surface. Shaving the hair on swimmers legs only helps a very small amount, but some swimmers swear by it.

Our swimmers don’t do it for the small advantage, but rather to continue a tradition set by several before them.

“Freshmen year, one of the seniors wanted me to do it, and I did it, and I have done it every year since,” Adam Decker said.

For future years, the swimmers have two objectives. The first being success at state for the swimmers. The second being to continue the tradition for incoming freshmen and other swimmers soon to join.

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