The Greed of Pharmacy

    Pharmaceutical companies and the reform they oppose

    Patrick Sheehan

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    Tuning Tantrum
    June 18, 2019

    Most days you turn on the TV and while watching your favorite show, you see the commercials come on showing a happy family. In the background you hear about a new miracle drug that cures common symptoms and makes your life immediately better. But there’s one thing that they don’t tell you about. The price. On average these drugs cost $35 a month, taking a sizeable chunk out of a household’s annual income. These drug prices are only growing making the drugs some people need harder for them to get, but Washington is working on the issue.

    The Trump administration has proposed a new law to force drug companies to disclose their prices on TV in an effort to get more competition between companies and lower drug prices. This new proposal could make the cost of prescription drugs more manageable for middle class American citizens and by promoting competition, it can only benefit the economy. With Americans on average taking four different daily prescriptions this new proposal could make millions of Americans lives easier by getting them the drugs that they need for a reasonable price.

    Big pharmacy companies oppose the bill for obvious reasons, wanting to keep drug prices high for their own commercial benefit. They seek to challenge this proposal based on freedom of speech. Without any regard for the lives they are potentially ruining, they seek to fill their own pockets by making medicine more and more expensive because they know that the people will buy it to take care of their own health. Money has blinded them to the truth that this can only be beneficial for their customers. This isn’t a business issue. It’s a moral issue.

    President Trump’s new proposal could help millions of Americans afford their medicine taking that constant pressure on their salaries off and giving them the ability to spend more money making the economy better. It could also allow them to be more productive and spend more time with their families. Making a choice between paying for their house and taking care of their own health should not be a decision to anyone has to face. If pharmaceutical companies just let up a little bit their profits might dip but their public image would improve considerably.

    Pharmacies should be there to help people instead of stealing their money for overpriced drugs that they know people will pay. This new proposal has to be written into law or the American people will continue to be held hostage to the pharmaceutical companies. source