The first tip-off

The beginning of the basketball season starts with a victory.

Natalie Walsh and Isaiah Salin

The Francis Howell Central girls basketball season started off Dec. 3 against Fort Zumwalt South. The start to this highly anticipated season began long before the first game. Through pre-season practices and team bonding, the team has waited for this very moment.

For Yani Curry, senior, the anticipation of the season has been building long before Dec. 3.

“It all started this summer when we were doing workouts, and as far as the season goes, we have just been preparing, putting in different plays and learning how to mesh together,” Curry said.

After countless workouts and scrimmages, the first game is here. The day leading up to the game was filled with hope and spirit. Fort Zumwalt South wouldn’t loose without a fight, but Curry predicts hard work leading to success.

“I predict that it will go good, I feel like we have put in hard work up to this point. As long as we go out there and execute, it should go as planned,” Curry said.

And through a hard fought game, the outcome was exactly what the team had hoped for. With an outstanding win of 59-16, it is evident that hard work, before the season even begins, pays off. For sophomore Sofia Tweedie, the game went just as expected.

“Overall, wherever we went in, our defense worked so hard and we just executed so well together so we didn’t let them score for a while. And when they did we made sure to shut them down right away,” Tweedie said.

Tweedie, like several other teammates, feels that the chemistry between everyone on the team contributes to their success.

“I learned that we all bring our own athleticism to each other and that we work together and look for our teammates during the game,” Tweedie said.

And even with a score as outstanding as 59-16, there is always something to improve upon. Being the beginning of the season, the team hope to improve upon several aspects of play for the rest of their matches. Junior Jocelyn Morelli feel improvement can be made and help the team.

“Something we talk about an continue to work on is rebounding more on offensive and defensive side but I think we are getting better at it,” Morelli said.

Wish the Spartan girls the best of luck throughout the rest of their basketball season by coming out to support them. You can view their schedule here, and follow their twitter for more about their basketball journey.

“That’s almost one of the biggest parts of being successful this year; the chemistry.””

— Yani Curry