FHC varsity loss against Zumwalt South

    Varsity boys lose 61-51 against Zumwalt South

    Patrick Sheehan

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    Tuning Tantrum
    June 18, 2019

    This Tuesday the FHC varsity boys basketball team played against Fort Zumwalt South and suffered a loss with a score of 61-51. The varsity team started strong against Zumwalt South keeping up with them through the first half of the game. Senior Jordan Hayden started to see the cracks in the team’s composure.

    “It was pretty good at the beginning,” Hayden said. “We had a lot of energy, but then when it started going south. Everybody’s energy went negative and so we started bickering with each other.”

    Even with the loss the team is ready to turn the loss into a positive force to propel them into the next few games. Senior Austin Crudup remembered how the team took the initial loss.

    “ Initially we were all kind of beating ourselves up,” Crudup said. “We just kind of threw it away the last few minutes, but I think considering how good Zumwalt South is I think everyone’s really happy with our performance, losing by less than ten.”

    Another part of recovering from their loss is looking at the mistakes they made and what they can do to cover them if they ever face Zumwalt South again.

    “I think we just need to have an answer for their best players,” Crudup said. “What’s really killing us is their three point shooters so we just need to guard better around the perimeter.”

    Sticking to the plan is also an important part of the team’s defense and senior Adam Lewis saw that some improvement could be made to the team by focusing on the plan more.

    “We knew what they were going to do,” Lewis said. “We just weren’t able to execute our game plan.”

    Having a home game creates a different atmosphere for the team to play in making a more positive force to pump up the team.

    “In the beginning I felt really great because the whole student section was there and the band was there,” Crudup said. “And after halftime the students didn’t leave so it was really cool to see them support us so much.”

    With the varsity team’s loss they have learned what skills they need to work on and how they’re going to improve. With the team pulling together the season looks like the team is ready to bring their best to each game they play.


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