A disappointing loss

The varsity boys basketball team ended the first game of the Washington tournament with a score of 48-50. The team was disappointed, but feels excited for the remainder of the games.


The varsity boys basketball team listens to a pep talk from their coach. The team took home a loss of 48-50 in the first game of the Washington Tournament. PHOTO BY NJ Heckenkamp.

Kayla Reyes, Social media editor

This Monday began the first game in a tournament of three games against Washington High School for the varsity boys basketball team. While the team took home a disappointing loss of 48-50, they gave their best effort on the court and performed to the best of their ability.

The team had just secured a win at Howell North, so they felt confident that they could perform well in the tournament. Senior Cameron Dent recalls his attitude prior to the game.

“We just came back from a win at Howell North, so I was pretty confident,” Dent said.

However, the team had a tough opponent. In past years, FHC hasn’t started the tournament out with the best results, so the boys weren’t caught completely off guard by their loss. Senior Jordan Hayden reflects on the team’s performance in past games at the Washington Tournament.

“We have a history at that tournament of not coming out really strong. We kind of just slowly build up. It happened again, but we kind of built upon it and brought the team back, so I [felt] pretty confident for the rest of it,” Hayden said.

Hayden also recalls that their performance at the start of the game was one of the reasons for losing such a close game.

“I’ll be honest, [we did] poorly in the beginning, but we kind of picked it back up during the next half,” Hayden said.

The team’s aggression and persistence in the last half of the game allowed them to get their points up and nearly secure a win, but there is improvement to be made in the remainder of the season.

The team agrees that there is a lot they can work on until the end of the tournament. Communication seemed to be a big issue regarding the boys’ performance in the first game of the tournament. Senior Kaleb Anderson remarks that his attitude prior to the game didn’t match the results the team was met with.

“I felt pretty good. I was focused. I could have been better, but I did okay. [We can work on] communicating more as a team, talking more, playing more [aggressively],” Anderson said.

With extra effort put in to communicate well and work more efficiently, the varsity team will hopefully be able to pull off a win in the remaining games of the tournament.

To follow the results for the rest of the tournament, follow the FHC Activities Department on twitter.