Perfect practice makes perfect

The dedication of the court is just as important at the performance on the court


Faith Carter

The lady Spartans huddle and discuss their gameplan. This plan was discussed at past practices.

Natalie Walsh and Isaiah Salin, Staff reporter

The famous phrase, “practice makes perfect” applies to all parts of life, but most specifically to sports. For the girls basketball team, this phrase certainly applies.

Sofia Tweedie, sophomore on the girls varsity basketball team, realizes that practice is what makes a perfect performance. She also notes the quality of a practice is just as much (if not more) important than the quantity.

“We just need to work hard at every practice, we are already doing good in games and we just need to transfer our hard work to every aspect of our sport,” said Tweedie.

University College of London claims that it takes 66 days to create a habit. With the girls basketball team, that 66 days has been well passed. Weight training and preseason in the fall has been crucial to the team’s performance. With more than 66 days of perfecting their shots, passes, and blocks, they are bound to rise above all others.

Being the #7 team in Missouri (according to is not something that just happens by chance. Practice, practice and more practice is very important to success. Throughout the season so far, the team has improved in more ways than imaginable through hard work and dedicated practices.

We just need to work hard at every practice, we are already doing good in games and we just need to transfer our hard work to every aspect of our sport”

— Sofia Tweedie

For senior Yani Curry, the basketball season didn’t start when the season began, but when practice started.

“It all started this summer when we were doing workouts,” Curry said. “We putting in different plays, and learned how to mesh with each other.”

These hours of practice before the season even gave the team a highly appreciated edge in competition.

With practice being the cause of a well performing team, practice is deemed as highly important. According to an article from Harvard Business Publishing, The Importance of Practice, commitment to getting better at a goal of yours is the only way to improve.

The article also mentions the importance of quality practice. The time you spend at practice will help muscle memory, understanding, and conditioning for a game. Whereas the quality of a practice will help your overall skill and ball handling. They go hand in hand, as Sofia Tweedie mentioned.

For junior Azaria Hulbert,  the team dynamic has improved by a lot through practice.

“Knowing that we can trust each other with the ball is really good” Hulbert said.

The overall team skill comes from trusting each other and improving team chemistry as a whole.

Overall, a perfect practice makes a perfect performance in league. And with an outstanding number of wins thus far, the girls basketball team has proved their quality and quantity of practice to be useful and relevant.

You can see our girls basketball team next, on January 18th, versus Holt. Come to support our hard working players.