Student Council hosts critical blood drive that saves lives

After the weekend’s bad weather, the blood drive replenished the community’s supplies in a time of need.

Nicole Garthe and Kayden Zipoy

Student Council hosted their annual blood drive on Jan 15 in association with Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center. This event helps the blood center bring in more blood to send out to hospitals in the area who are in need; it also encourages the students to donate selflessly in order to save lives. Students signed up for a specific time slot and came to the small gym during classes to give their blood.


The blood drive came through this year after the previous weekend’s bad weather, replenishing blood supplies in the area. It was great to see students lining up to donate.


Student Council’s head advisor, Mrs. Dennigmann, explained that “we had one-hundred and five people sign up to donate blood, and they were able to collect seventy usable donations.” She told us that “since our blood drive was rescheduled from November, it kind of came at a critical time in January because the bad weather that weekend before cancelled a lot of blood drives.” Mrs. Dennigmann’s favorite part about sponsoring the blood drive is “seeing that the students are wanting to step up and wanting to become donors at a young age.”


After a successful blood drive, Student Council is now searching for a new Mr. FHC this year in the school’s annual Mr. FHC talent show. Boys from any grade can sign up in room 111 if they wish to participate in the event this year.