Past the learning curve

Past games are helping the Spartans prepare for the next two matchups


Faith Carter

The Spartan girls congratulate each other on a made basket. Their superb chemistry has been helped by their support for each other.

Isaiah Salin and Natalie Walsh, Staff reporter

The hype over the girls basketball team has been growing exponentially since the start of the season. With an outstanding group of girls lead by a persevering coach, students have expected nothing less than greatness on the scoreboard. Greatness is exactly what this team has acquired.

Currently, the team has a record of 12-2 for the season overall, and 4-0 in GAC games. Outside of the court, these girls have also managed to achieve a 3.95 cumulative team GPA. Senior Lauren Ebert was named “Athlete of the Week” by the STL Post-Dispatch, and two other Spartans have scored their 1000th point this season.

The list goes on and on.

Within the last week, the Spartans played Friday, Jan. 18 against Holt. Walking away with a victory 45-27, the team is proud of what they had accomplished.

“Knowing we can trust each other with the ball is improving how we play every game,” said junior Azaria Curry.

Curry believes that as the season has progressed, the team has improved as a whole, especially with trusting each other.

On Jan. 22, the team played Fort Zumwalt West. Winning 50-31, the team continues their winning streak.

Today, the Spartans face a battle against Fort Zumwalt North. FZN overall for the season thus far is 15-3, showing that they are a fierce competitor.

“They are having a really good season, but so are we. And we are really excited to face the challenge,” said junior Jocelyn Morelli.

Morelli understands that the FZN Panthers are one of the areas best teams, and with good chemistry and teamwork they can beat the Panthers.

They will continue their busy week with a game on Jan. 26, against Rock Bridge High School. Rock Bridge is 8-4 overall for the season and ranked 19th in state. Persevering through this expectedly tough game will decide if the team’s success will continue onward.

As far as the rest of the season, the girls have near to twelve games left for the season playing some opponents they have defeated before, as well as some that have defeated them. Junior Mackenzie Jones feels that to be able to continue their success, they have to look at the bigger picture.

“[Have] a team-first mentality, it’s not about you and the sport it’s about your teammates and having fun in a competitive way,” Jones said.