Battling Rock Bridge

Our girls varsity team faced a tough opponent and played a close game


Gracie Kreup

Azaria Hulbert drives to the hoop against four defenders. The Spartan offense has been dominant so far this season.

Isaiah Salin and Natalie Walsh, Staff reporter

You never quite know what it feels like to put 100 percent effort into something and not get the results you wanted until it actually happens. On Saturday, Francis Howell Central girls varsity basketball team fought Rock Bridge with every ounce of dedication they had. In the end, things didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. Losing by one mere point, 47-46, the team walked away with another loss under their belt.

But the game was far from a loss. In the first three quarters of the match, Central came out ahead by eight points. Sophomore Sofia Tweedie attributed their initial success to their team connection.

“I think [we started off well] because we all knew who was scoring and we know how to move the ball well together and we had a good spread of points that game,” Tweedie said.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that things started to go downhill.

“We just weren’t getting the calls that we were looking for, and it was really hard for us to get to the free throw line and I guess they knew how to draw the foul and they got more calls than us,” Tweedie said.

Sophomore Lindsey Mason has believed all season that the girls would be able to rally after wins and losses.

“We’re a family, and we are definitely getting [to a point] where we can dominate,” Mason said.

Mason believes that the team’s close bond will keep them together and allow them to hold their heads up after a tough loss.

Junior Mackenzie Jones knows the team’s successful games have added to the team confidence – improving the overall play.

“[Winning] has added a new excitement to the team, and it allows us to be more successful,” Jones said.

The girls know that the team has room to improve, but are certainly playing very successfully.

“We’re more comfortable and we know each other strengths and weaknesses, but [some of us] need to step up and become better leaders,” Jones said.

The team can continue to improve as the season continues, and they will have to as the schedule continues to increase in difficulty.

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