Victory for the spartans

The varsity boys basketball team played against Howell North on Jan. 29th, and secured a win with a score of 61-48


Payton Amlong

The varsity boys basketball team congratulate each other as they score at their game. The team secured a win against Howell North with a score of 61-48.

Kayla Reyes, social media editor

The varsity boys basketball team is playing against Francis Howell North on Tuesday, January 29th. After coming back from a loss by 20 points to Francis Howell High, the team is anxious to put their best effort into Tuesday’s game.

Due to their recent loss, the team’s energy hasn’t been at its usual high. Sophomore Myles Estrada reflects on this.


“At first, positivity was kind of low, but we had a good practice yesterday,” Estrada said. “We’ve been working on more teamwork.”

The team has fared well against Howell North this season, so they are ready to secure yet another win. Senior Bryce Lee says the rest of the team is feeling energetic and excited for their game.

“We’re feeling pretty good. We’re just going to try to execute our plays and make sure they don’t get a lead in the first quarter,” Lee said. “We’re just going to make sure we execute offense and defense as [well] as we can.

The team has been working on several strategies during practices to prepare for their remaining games. The team has learned which areas it has been struggling in when playing against other teams, and has put their focus on these aspects at practices. Junior Jonathan Gardner recalls the team has been working in the areas which need the most improvement.

“We’ve been working on defense a lot because our defense is not doing so good lately,” Gardner said.

The boys have been working on specific skills at practices to maximize the short time they have left in the season. Estrada feels this extra effort will pay off at the game.

“I think we’ll win and I think a lot of players are going to have a high scoring game,” Estrada said.

With a good mindset and an extra bit of effort, the boys were able to secure a win against Howell on Tuesday with a score of 61-48.