Swinging Into the Season

A look at how the boys golf team prepares for the season ahead

Kierigan McEvoy

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Empowering Others
May 22, 2020

Links at Dardenne is one of the main courses where FHC’s golf team practices.

With spring sports in full swing, the boys golf team has been putting their golf clubs to good use. In preparation for the tee off of their season, the team has been spending countless hours dedicated to preseason training. Although golf preseason training is slightly different from other sports preseason’s according to sophomore Nate Lemery. Golf training requires a lot less fitness and conditioning and a lot more skill work to prepare for the season.

“We go to the range once or twice a week and then the rest of the week we go to a course,” Lemery explained.

The team first warms up by walking the course and putting and then proceeds to go out and play. Because FHC is obviously not equipped with a golf course for the team to train on campus, four days of the week they travel to The Links at Dardenne after school, and on Wednesdays the team goes to the driving range. They practice starting at 3:00 until either 5:30 or 6:00 everyday. A lot of the team’s time is also spent on welcoming newcomers according to junior Kobe Thambyrajah.

“We do a lot of team bonding because lots of the freshmen, they’re really shy. And you know, they don’t know anybody else,” Thambyrajah said.

As an upperclassman, Thambyrajah makes an effort to be inclusive of the younger boys, especially since there is no freshmen golf team. He is also looking forward to the season and has high hopes for them this year.

“I think this year I’m feeling really good [about our season] and we have a lot of good players this year. So, I think we’ll do well,” Thambyrajah said.

Thambyrajah is not the only teammate enthusiastic about the start of the season. Freshmen Kyle Kreder, who has been playing golf for a while, is excited to be a part of high school golf in action.

“[I really like] just playing with other people. It’s fun playing with groups, and then you can go out and talk and have a good time,” Kreder said.

The most fun thing that it seems like a majority of the team is looking forward to is tournaments.

“I’m looking forward to lik tournamnets where we can actually travel with the team and bus together,” Kreder explained.

Thambyrajah and Lemery also agreed that they were looking forward to tournaments; the Warrenton Invitational in particular. This tournament will be held on April 11 at 9:00 am; a great opportunity for the team to get some support if you are able to come.