Raising the Bar

The boys golf team seeks to raise their consistency of play

Kierigan McEvoy

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Empowering Others
May 22, 2020

Robyn Ziegemeier

Junior Andy Lippincott reflecting on the boy’s golf team’s matches against FZW and FHN.

The FHC boys golf team stepped up to the tee against Fort Zumwalt West for a competitive match. After versing one of the best teams in their conference the JV boys team was able to come out with a win, where varsity unfortunately fell to the jaguars. Sp,capitan, Marcus Falcomata was overall impressed with the teams ending score after the match and a bit surprised with the outcome.

“We played very well, but west is a very tough opponent. So, we knew they were going to shoot a crazy score,” Falcomata explained.

The team ended up putting up the best varsity four-mans score since 2014, leaving Falcomata and his teammates proud of their effort. Junior Andy Lippincott agreed with the team effort.

“Right now our Varsity is playing actually pretty good for all of our capabilities. The West team is actually like phenomenal at the moment and they’re playing extremely well,” Lippincott said.

This high level of play unfortunately did not transition as hoped to their next match against Francis Howell North. Though both teams won, they were very disappointed with their overall scored having performed so well earlier in the week.

“It was evident that we did relax a little bit. Based on what our scores were in the North match, we played terrible. We kept playing down to their level a little bit,” Falcomata said.

However, the experience was not a total loss for the team as they were able to gain a lot from the influence of the West teams play and game conduct.

“Something about playing in a group of guys that are good, makes you also play good. So West players are very professional and they always are super focused. So I think that lead our team to kind of also take that focus on,” Falcomata explained.

Based on this a major goal for the rest of the season is for the team to play solid at their level, not their competition’s. For Lippincott his personal goal also reflects the team goal.

“I want to continue to shoot lower and lower scores and just maintain a better level of consistency throughout my game,” Lippincott said.

Teammate Jacob Edwards feels that the team can accomplish this goal because they have a great sense of team comradery.

“[I really like] just practicing with the guys. A lot of them are pretty chill, so really it’s a lot of fun. We mess around a lot,” Edwards said.

Edwards is looking forward to achieving this team goal along with some of his own personal goals throughout the rest of the season. Be sure to stay updated with the boys golf team through their twitter: @fhc_boys_golf