The Triple Play

The baseball team does what hasn’t been seen in a long time; a triple play.

The FHC varsity baseball team continues to push forward through their season, with a mix of wins and losses in past games. On the 29th of April, the team lost 4-14 against Kirkwood.

Their loss at Kirkwood was just from a lack of focus, recalls Senior Sam Feltz.

“We just weren’t focused enough, and threw some pitches past the plate,” he said.

This past game at Francis Howell North, however, was a huge success. Francis Howell Central won against the opposing team at 10-7, primarily pulling together in the end of the game.

“We had a great comeback in the seventh inning,” said Feltz. Though the next game against Howell North has been suspended due to weather, this game went very well.

This past game was special for Central’s team made a triple play! According to Activities Director Scott Harris’s Twitter, this is the second triple play that he has seen in all his time at FHC.

In a tweet he posted on May 1st, Harris rejoiced the success, saying, “This was the 2nd Triple Play that i know about in Program History as I witnessed the 2013 squad turn one, also in the 7th inning to end a game with winning run on base, against FZ East in District Play!”

Feltz casually described the triple play, saying, “Double play up the middle, bases loaded. Then Bruce Bixler had a nice kickoff with third base and got the player out.”

Despite the many rescheduled, suspended, and postponed games due to heavy rain this past week, the varsity baseball team is ready to win.

“We have a solid team and if we stay consistent without letting up we have a chance for a great season,” said Junior Blake Painter.

While they have experienced lots of ups and downs throughout the season, the varsity baseball team seems to be steadily improving throughout the past few games. They also won a staggering 9-1 against Timberland this weekend! Things are really looking good for our varsity boys baseball team.