Going the Extra Stroke

As the season comes to a close, the team says goodbye to senior captain while applauding state bound freshman

Kierigan McEvoy

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Empowering Others
May 22, 2020

Junior Kobe Thambyrajah explaining how proud he is of fellow state bound teammate Samuel Emrick.

As many FHC sports teams are winding down to an end, so is the boys golf team. After competing in districts on April 29 the team placed seventh out of ten and managed to send two team members to the sectionals tournament that took place at Troy High School. Of the two, freshman Samuel Emrick emerged victorious by qualifying for state. Senior Captain Marcus Falcomata, who also competed at sectionals, could not be more proud of his teammate.

“I’m proud of freshman Sam Emrick for qualifying for State.  He was playing very poorly early in the season and finally started playing like the golfer he is, which is a state capable golfer,” Falcomata said.

Though Falcomata himself fell short of a state qualification he is still excited to see his teammate compete. With this wrap up to his last high school golf season it is hard to say goodbye to the atmosphere of joy playing has brought him the last four years.

“It is kind of hard to know that I will never be playing golf in a high school setting again, it’s been a really fun career and I’m sad it has to end,” Falcomata explained.

But as one’s career ends, another begins. Erick is scheduled to participate in the state tournament on May 13 and 14, the first state appearance for this freshman. Going into districts and sectionals, Emrick was cool as a cucumber, and had a state bound mind set from day one.

“I was confident that I wanted to [go to state], but you never know. It could or it could not happen for anybody,” Emrick explained.

The team had high expectations for Emrick from the beginning, fellow teammate Kobe Thambyrajah especially.  

“When I knew he was joining the team, I had high hopes. I knew that he would help this team out a lot, and I knew he would go far from the beginning,” Thambyrajah said.

This winning mindset however is not all confidence. A lot of work goes into it on Emrick’s part to produce these results. In fact his advice to those seeking similar success is simple: put in the extra work.

“I’d say push yourself. So, if I have a practice and everyone leaves, sometimes I’m the one to stay there and stay longer practicing. Just do more that what you’re told to do,” Emrick said.