Lights, Lights, Lights

Lights, Lights, Lights The lights crew is a vital part of every production at every show, ceremony, and everything in between held at FHC.

Faith Jacoby, Staff reporter

The lights crew is an important part of every theatrical production held here at FHC. Without them, the show quite literally, couldn’t go on. This time, the spotlight will be on the crew that gives each show its powerful shine.

The lights crew controls the lights and chooses the color schemes of the show. They decide the mood that the production and each individual scene displays.  They are located above in a lifted booth opposite of the stage, along with the sound crew. The lights crew is a very crucial part of each production.

Their most obvious job, projecting their multi-colored lights on the stage, is very important to the show.

“Without lights crew, you wouldn’t be able to see the actors on stage.” Sophomore Anna West, who joined just this year, said. “And it kind of sets the the tone and the setting of the play or musical.”

Junior Mary Wachtel, a member since her first semester of sophomore year, also described the importance of the lights crew to the members of the audience.

“The audience is always looking to see how to feel based on the lighting,” She said, “Without color and pizzazz it’s just kind of drab and dark.”

The lights crew is necessary for setting the tone and look that the show is supposed to portray.

“It changes the mood for each musical and play so it gets a different feeling every time.” Said Junior Alexis Ackerman, who has been apart of lights for a year.

Joining lights comes no real requirements or experience with theater other than being a hard, dedicated worker. The crew also meets almost everyday after school along with the other crews and cast.

“You can kind of just go in, even if it’s your first show.” West said. “Especially if it’s your first time doing theater, it’s not something that you need to have acting or dancing experience for.”

Each member said that the crew has lots of fun working behind the scenes together.

“It’s interactive and fun, and you get to meet nice people.” Ackerman said.

The crew suggests their upcoming musical, “Fiddler on the Roof,” will be successful.

“I think it will do very well. I like it a lot because it’s just a really good story and there’s a lot of heart put into it.. And I can already tell that everyone is putting their whole soul into it.” Wachtel said.