Humble beginnings

The story behind Pierre Desir’s generous donation


Gracie Kreup

A view on the weight room, and the old equipment that will fill the auxiliary weight room

Isaiah Salin, Design editor

Every morning, and after school everyday, dozens of students flood to the weight room to work out. One of these past students has made a huge step to improve this important room.

On March 14, FHC alum Pierre Desir signed a three year, $22.5 million dollar contract extension with the Indianapolis Colts. Desir was an all-state defensive player during his time as a Spartan. 

Post-high school, Desir went on to play football at Lindenwood and Washburn University, and his college experience and success is what led to the Cleveland Browns drafting Desir in 2014. After 2 full seasons with the Browns, Desir signed with the Indianapolis Colts at the beginning of the 2017-18 season.  He was ranked as the 18th best cornerback in the NFL during the 2018-19 season with the Colts (according to Pro Football Focus).

Desir has donated $185,000 to the school, and has requested the money be used to improve the fitness center and empower future generations of students.

Desir’s first thoughts when signing his contract extension was how he could help the next generation of Spartans succeed.

“My first thought was where I would be able to help. One of those areas was helping improve the weight room at [FHC],” Desir said.

P.E teacher and football coach Malach Radigan was astonished when he heard the news about the donation.

“I was hyped out of my mind. We were at his house talking about ways to train athletes and it came up … it just seemed perfect,” Radigan said.

Desir wants to ensure that current and future high school students can have as great a time in high school that he did.

“I want to help this community succeed. High school was really fun for me, and I want to pass that on to future students,” Desir said. 

According to Coach Radigan, the new equipment is going to make the fitness department’s functionality increase exponentially.

“We’ll be able to accommodate 20 plus more students than we can right now [with the new equipment]. And this is only right now, so in the future this will impact kids year after year,” Radigan said.

Desir believes all students can use the weight room to their advantage, and to stay mentally and physically in shape.

“Hopefully this will bring all kids to the weight room, and not just athletes. It’s something to help keep stress off your shoulders and stay in shape,” Desir said. 

Activities Director Scott Harris has plans for all the used equipment, creating an auxiliary weight room.

“Six to seven hours a day, we can put fitness classes and weight training classes in the new [auxiliary room],” Harris said. 

Coach Radigan hopes the new auxiliary weight room will be able to impact many students.

“While there’s a weight training class in the main weight room, we can put freshman P.E classes or other fitness classes in the auxiliary [room],” Radigan said.