Swinging to victory

With the season beginning, varsity softball’s victory against Francis Howell sets a hopeful tone for the season.


Faith Carter

As the field got darker, the varsity softball team fought their way to success as they gained the lead a few innings in. Their efforts resulted in the flyaway victory of the game.

Faith Carter, Staff Photographer

The sun was already setting when the varsity softball game between Francis Howell Central and Francis Howell High began. On Sept. 5, varsity softball faced off against Francis Howell High School’s equivalent varsity softball team and emerged victorious 13-2 against Howell. The event took place at Maryville University, and was a game to honor Trevor, a former student of Howell’s, and raise funds for cancer research.  

“It was nice to play [Howell] again this year because we always have really close games, but this time we came out big,” senior Kaylee Morris said. “[The team] holds each other to high standards…and we cheer each other on to keep the positive energy.”

Varsity softball continues on to face off against Francis Howell North on Sept. 19.