Communication is Key on the Court

Coach Le is switching it up on the court. The girls are reworking methods to win state.


Gretchen Wood

Two girls wait to see how the volleyball game against St. Dominic.

Emma Clasen, Staff reporter

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The girls volleyball team has had a successful season thus far. The girls have lost only one game and have won both games when versing Holt. They have agreed that there are still things to work on for this season.

Freshman Faith Rekosh believes that communication may be the key to success on the court. 

“Some of our communication was off in the first half during the first game. But after that, we pulled it together and pulled through,” Rekosh said. 

Many of the other girls on the varsity team agree that communication is something that the team needs to focus on. The girls were excited to play St. Dominic last night and understand that from start to finish they need to call out and claim the ball.

Kenndey Lamb, junior, agrees with Rekosh mentioning that communication is a struggle the team is over coming. 

“We were slow on receive because we lacked communication, we should’ve gotten in there and gone to work but it took us half a set to do that,” Lamb said.

The team’s main goal besides having a fun season is making it to districts and then to state. They believe with the help of teammates and coaches that they will persevere and make it to districts successfully. 

Kayla Steinmeyer, senior, mentions that she is looking forward to her last highschool season and the team goals for the season.

“We want to consistently get better throughout the year and to potentially make it to state,” Steinmeyer said.

 The girls are excited to push themselves this season to intimidate the competition and continue to improve their skills on the court. Coach Le has switched things up this season for the team and giving them a little challenge.

“I want to learn the new position that he put me in and execute it as well as I can,” Lamb said. 

While Le is pulling other players out of their comfort zone, he is also helping others become more comfortable on the court.

Varsity as a freshman can be a struggle but, for Rekosh, she is happy to be thrown in the mix.

“Coaches have been working with me on hitting and rotation along with the other girls,” Rekosh said.