Hectic homecoming weekend

The chaotic homecoming weekend is just as chaotic for the marching band as it is for the student body.


Madi Hermeyer

FHC Spartan Regiment marches in the annual homecoming parade.

Faith Jacoby, Staff reporter

Thursday, Sept. 26 to Saturday, Sept. 29 was an extremely busy weekend, for not only the student body, but the marching band. While everyone was finalizing their football game outfits and arranging parties after homecoming, the band was hard at work perfecting their show for the several performances over the chaotic weekend. 

Homecoming weekend started with the band performing at the pep rally on Thursday, Sept. 26. The marching band, along with the guard, performed at the homecoming parade on Friday, Sept. 27. and later that night at the homecoming game. Although the game resulted in a loss, the band and guard still pushed through and performed to the best of their ability. 

Junior Evelyn Herrera, who has been on guard since her freshman year, explained her opinions on homecoming week and how she felt about the performances. 

“I like homecoming week because everyone is excited for the football game and I like going to the pep rallies with my friends,” Herrera said. 

Along with Herrera, Sophomore Lesa Haarmann reflected on the big week and rated the band on their performanace as a whole. 

“It was about a seven, not our best because multiple people missed things,” Haarmann said. 

            Sophomore Alayna Benz described why her favorite performance was the homecoming game, rather than the parade or pep rally. 

            “My favorite performance would have to the homecoming game because we get to have fun with our friends in a lower stress environment than a competition, but also perform and do what we love without the stress of scoring,” Benz said. 

Each performance by the band made the crowds road with applaud and pride. School spirit the week of homecoming is always inevitable, and keeps the band motivated and performing at their best. Without the band at pep rallies and the homecoming events, they just wouldn’t be the same.