The cheer team takes on glorious homecoming week

The cheer team embraces homecoming week with positive energy and school spirit


Madi Hermeyer

The varsity cheerleads walk at the homecoming parade showing their school spirit as they smile at children

Alyssa Bernier, Staff reporter

School spirit, loud music, screaming students, pumping adrenaline, fanatical dancing; all aspects students embrace during the iconic homecoming week. Athletes especially feel the effects of this wonderful yet stressful week full-on. As representatives of school spirit, the cheer team strives to embrace homecoming week wholly. These girls put in vigorous effort to make this week fun and enjoyable despite the various stress factors. Senior cheerleader Abby Laughman truly enjoys the excitement of all the school spirit.

“The best part of homecoming week was getting involved in all of the school spirit,” Laughman said.

One of the biggest parts of homecoming week is the pep assembly put on for the entire school. It is a time for students to get together and show off their school spirit while cheering on the spartan nation. The cheer team got to show off their competition routine they have been preparing for all year. Junior cheerleader Maddie Elinor felt amazing after performing in front of the proud student body.

“I felt really good and accomplished after performing at the pep assembly,” Elinor said.

The students were very involved during the assembly and did a great job of showing their support for both the cheer team and the rest of the students involved in the assembly.

“I loved all of the crowd involvement at the pep assembly,” Elinor said.

The girls were able to have a great time while performing because of the large amount of support they got from the crowd.

“The pep assembly really fun for us, especially with all of the student body hyping us up while we performed,” Laughman said.

Another big part of homecoming week for all students is the homecoming football game. The pure energy of the entire spartan nation allows the students to all come together and really enjoy the game and support the football team as a family. Sophomore cheerleader Zoe Grumich loves the positive energy of the students involved.

“Everyone at the homecoming game had great energy. We were able to feed off that energy as a team which allowed us to perform better and have a great time while doing so,” Grumich said.

Grumich also loves how all of the school spirit at the homecoming game really brings the spartan nation together as a family.

“All of the school spirit really brings all of the students together and makes it more fun for everyone,” Grumich said.

Altogether, homecoming week is a monumental week for the cheer team and everyone else involved and really shows how our school can come together as a family and embrace school spirit while showing off what the spartan nation is really made of.

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