Walking into a great weekend

Emma Hultz and Paige Fann, Staff photographer

As classes come to an end the long awaited excitement and energy for the Homecoming parade starts to rise. On Sept. 26 all of the fall sports and clubs came together to build floats and spread their excitement for their season and Homecoming around the streets of Cottleville. Friends and family lined Hwy. N to cheer all the students and athletes on. 


The energy from the crowd and the students in the floats was overwhelming for everyone who was there.


“I had a lot of fun walking in the parade, and I really liked getting to walk with my team,” Gabrielle Berger said.


Following the Homecoming parade is the long awaited Homecoming dance. Excitement has been building up for this day since the first day of school, and finally we can grab our friends and head to the dance.