The Music Decision

Should you really pay to listen to music?

Isaiah Salin, Design editor

Everyone listens to music. But should you really pay to listen to it? Paid subscription services such as Apple Music (60 million users) and Spotify (100 million users) are popular, and have many advantages as opposed to listening to music for free. 

There is no worse feeling than enjoying your playlist or a specific artist, then having a song being cut off by an ad. Paying for these services removes advertisements and allows you to thoroughly listen to a playlist or songs without interruption. 

Another great thing about these services is the ability to download music for offline listening. On an airplane flight,while camping, or if you don’t want to use cellular data, downloaded music is the only way to access music.. Just about the only bad thing about premium music services is the cost. Apple Music costs $9.99 a month, and so does Spotify. With student or veteran discounts, Spotify can be as little as $4.99 a month, but the high monthly fee can turn away many potential customers. 

Now comes the greater question, Spotify or Apple Music?

Spotify has more users, the ability to download podcasts and audiobooks along with music, excellent personalized playlists, and a proven longevity as the most widespread music platform. 

Apple Music has live radio, a three month free trial, and 15 million more songs in its library than Spotify does.

In reality, there isn’t much of a difference between Apple Music and Spotify. They both offer the same fundamental features, cost the same, and really are very similar to each other. Choosing between the two ends up coming down to personal preference. 

Paying $10 a month is outrageous to some, but if you listen to music daily, the advantages of having premium services definitely outweighs the monthly fee.

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