Be the Change

How the Environmental Club plans to change bad habits


Rhyen Standridge

Environmental Club members plan upcoming events and ways to limit the amount of waste the community puts into the environment.

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter

Although the Environmental Club is brand new it has big ambitions to help our community. The newly founded club already has 10 members so far and they hope to expand their numbers over the next few months. For anyone who is interested in joining the environmental club, showing up at any of their meetings is the first step to getting involved.

 Senior Annika Clark, is the secretary and is involved in many clubs that are meant to benefit students and teachers. 

“You can just drop by any of our meetings, or if you can’t make it to one of our meetings you can always stop by Mrs. Staback’s room and get information there at any point,” Clark said. 

  Meetings are held after school on Wednesday and Thursday morning at 6:45 am to 7:10 am in Mrs.Staback’s room 221. At Wednesday meetings, members go around the school and do a trash hike to help keep our campus clean; and on Thursday meetings, members are informed of all upcoming events, places to volunteer at and different environmental issues that students should be more aware of. 

Just like a handful of clubs, it is student lead and it gives all members a chance to voice their thoughts on different environmental issues that need to be focused on.

Even though the club has only held two meetings, they already have plans for future events that will help impact our community and help change our minds on ways to help the environment. One of their ideas is having a craft night. 

“We have this idea of having a craft night, and we teach you different ways to reuse items like you can do this thing called wine and you take plastic bags and you can make them into a reusable bag, and there is also this really cool thing where you can knit like a leaping mat for the homeless,” Clark said. 

Some goals for the club that impact the students in our school is to start a compost and to teach students what you can and can’t recycle as well as additional ways the school can get involved in raising awareness for the environment. They’re also trying to get students involved whether they realize it or not, and they have different activities planned that are going to help keep all the students aware of our environment. With high goals for this club, members hope to make a big impact not just within our school but within our community. 

Co-President Anne Meister is fully committed to helping to make FHC a better place and one of the ways she hopes to help the school is through the Environmental Club.

“Our biggest goal is providing information to our community about how they can help our earth… knowing how we can help the environment the best we can, and to try and ensure that when you graduate from FHC that the Environmental Club can teach you some things you can take with you into the real world,” Meister said.

 One of the clubs ways of knowing different activities going on in the community is through the club sponsor Mrs. Kellie Staback.

“I think it’s important to do community outreach like things like stream cleans and different nature events that are throughout the community but mainly getting us involved in what’s going beyond just our school,” Mrs. Staback said.

Mrs. Staback a genetics and environmental science teacher who believes that people should be more aware of their environment.

“I thought we needed this club from the minute I walked in three years ago,” Mrs. Staback said. “I think it’s important to not only get my environmental classes involved in what’s going on in the real world, but also other students who don’t have the opportunity to take the class,” Mrs. Staback said. 

  Members of the new Environmental Club are not only helping our school become more aware of our environment, but they are also getting involved in the community and joining in on something bigger than themselves. For students who are interested in helping their environment join the Environmental Club and help to make FHC more environmentally friendly.