GOP over-reacts to education

Apparently, if you care about education, you’re an evil socialist Nazi bent on taking over the world. Well, at least that’s the basic idea.

Scan the headlines recently, and Republicans are crying out about Obama’s evil plan simply because he wants to make a speech to the youth of America about staying in school and taking education seriously. Yes, maybe it is meant to fulfill Obama’s agenda, because maybe if we could educate our youth, we wouldn’t have to deal with Republicans anymore (get it? Republicans aren’t educated).

GOP Chairman Jim Greer is apparently “absolutely appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread President Obama’s socialist ideology.”

Yes, Jim Greer, education is socialist, ¬†and the abolitionist movement was lead by racist skinheads. Now I understand why Republicans are so upset about health care; they’ll pretty much incoherently yell about anything Obama does. A man attempts to make health care a service instead of a business and wants to tell kids to stay in school, yet Republicans think something is wrong with him. Maybe something’s wrong with Republicans.