Before You Know It


A fed up preschooler ;ays with his head in his hands. Photo by Keaton Frye.

Walk into Room 97 during third or fourth hour and witness a place that encapsulates the innocence of a preschool classroom where the only worry in the world is when snack time is and counting down the minutes till recess. Before you know it, the comforting scent of crayola crayons becomes unfamiliar, the mom-made lunches become a rarity, sipping on Capri Suns during recess becomes nothing but a distant memory, and that one special stuffed animal can’t numb the fear of growing up. 

Students in the building go from reading “The Great Gatsby” one hour , and teaching in a preschool classroom the next. 

 “Teaching has taught me so much,” Sophmore Maria Saso said, “I love getting to help [the kids] grow, and learning about their behaviors.”

In a blink of an eye highschool students go from figuring out what maturing is, to being thrown into the real world, and before you know it baby steps turn into walking across a stage in cap and gown.