Decade day proves a success

Spirit week appears to be off to a great start. FHC students were excited for spirit week and ready to show school spirit. Many students participated in the first spirit day of homecoming week on Monday, September 21.

Decade Day is a day where students can wear clothes ranging from decades, such as the 50s or the 80s, or even the giant leopard printed Snuggie that represents “the year 2020: when Snuggie’s take over the world,” as some students would say.

Students wore clothing that they would never wear on any other school day, and for some, that’s what made them do it.

Although the 80s decade wear was popular for many girls in our school, sophomore Sam Kennedy chose to be a flower child from the 70s.

“I dressed up because it’s the only day I could really be a straight up hippie and be accepted,” said Kennedy.

However, a large number of students did not participate in Decade Day. Some students didn’t like Decade Day, while others just dislike homecoming week all together.

But as students sat and saw the number of friends of theirs that dressed up, they wished they would have too.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Schaefermeier was one of those students. She thought none of her friends would have dressed up, so she didn’t put together an outfit, but once she saw the handful of people who did dress up, she wished she would have.

“I think [Decade Day was] really awesome, and if I would have had ‘decade clothes’ then I would have dressed up too,” said Schaefermeier.

According to students, Decade Day had a larger turnout than expected.