Super powers revealed on spirit day

This Thursday seemed like a normal day at Francis Howell Central until Spiderman and Superman were spotted walking around the halls. This day, many were donning capes and masks, capturing their inner superhero.

Even teachers are getting in on the action. Ms. Stacey Dennigmann is easily spotted because of her costume as Mrs. Incredible,” said Dennigmann.

Most costumes worn Thursday were made out of items either borrowed or found from home.

“This was my sister’s Halloween costume,” said Mrs. Dennigmann.

Some costumes were more practical. Sophomore Spencer Milfeldt dressed up as Will Smith from the movie “Hancock.”

“I turned my jacket inside out and already had this hat. I just wish I had big sunglasses,” said Milfeldt.

Some even coordinated beforehand and came in matching costumes.

“I matched my nephew Ian, who is Mr. Incredible,” said Mrs. Dennigmann.

Seniors Kristina Herrera and Kaitlyn Clark have color-coordinated headbands and green outfits.

“We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!” said Clark.