Wacky Wednesday brings crazy spirit

Many students were seen running around in very intriguing outfits Wednesday. This is because it was Wacky Wednesday, the spirit week favorite of many students.

Many students dress up to display school spirit and to have fun; some just want to show off their outfits and props.

“I wanted to show school spirit, [and] I’m crazy. And it was an excuse to bring the hippo,” said junior Adam Hubecky, who came to school with a giant cardboard cutout of a hippopotamus, about his participation in the spirit day.

These spirit days help boost school spirit and promote happiness.

“I like dressing up and getting weird looks from people. It’s fun,” said junior Kelsey Nagel.

Some students may have noticed that there seems to be more girls participating in these spirit days.

“I guess since I’m a girl, I noticed more girls dressed up,” Nagel said.